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Behind-the-Scenes: New Endeavors

We are excited to share something that has been brewing at Artlab for a few months: Artlab Presents.

When our first virtual endeavor, The Show Must Go On...Show was coming to a close, we started thinking about what was next for Artlab. While we were still pursuing other original projects, we wanted to stay active online as well. Producing The Show gave us an opportunity to network, create, and cope in the early stages of this trying year. This time we wanted to develop programming that showcased people, projects, and organizations. We wanted to bring portraits that gave us insight into new and creative adventures.

Following up on the interest generated by sharing virtual conversations with artists and scientists, the goal was to create and broadcast a more intimate look at the lives and the work of these professionals. The result is Artlab Presents, a series of visual and podcast episodes that give audiences an in-depth look at scientific research, new discoveries, works-in-progress, and upcoming productions. And of course, the people behind them. Each segment is composed of a video-episode that overviews the featured topic and an audio segment, Diving Deeper, composed of three podcast episodes that air individual conversations with featured guests elaborating on the subject matter.

Development for this project started back in the summer. Over a Zoom call, where brainstorming sessions have been happening in 2020, our founder and executive producer, Meg Fofonoff, expressed her vision of Artlab having its own online streaming channel. There’s all kinds of entertainment and educational resources at our fingertips, but we wanted to establish a platform that allowed us to bring the behind-the-scenes to the foreground. A place where we could ask professionals in different fields how they got there, for instance. And what exactly is it that they do. Or how they developed their interests. In other words, queries that we often don’t get a chance to ask.

As we outlined the topics and the guest speakers, it was important to us to preserve and honor Artlab’s founding mission of illuminating the intersection between art and science. We were including a variety of topics in our repertoire and realized how that mission was already evolving and being enriched. The profiles of Artlab Presents are not limited to showcasing projects in the artistic and scientific field that directly overlap, but rather making space for both fields to coexist and be celebrated.

The first episode, which aired in September, tells the history of Artlab. The second segment covers the Marine Biological Laboratory and its partnership with Artlab. These will be followed by episodes showcasing upcoming musical productions. Why did a scientist decide to dedicate his career to studying cephalopods, of all sea creatures? How did two stage managers orchestrate a musical via Zoom? Why are we still talking about The Scarlet Letter, a novel from the 1850s? Tune in with us and find out.


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